About Jennifer Meyer

Hello, I have over 15 years of experience in holistic wellness and I have worked with dozens of doctors or other holistic colleagues.  I am happy to share my mission of helping clients create a life to filled with vibrant health and wellness as they walk their path day by day. My goal is to support middle age women and men  struggling with health challenges after cancer and on a goal to improving their liver function . I create Protocols through a form of energy testing known as off-the-body muscle response testing using the Morphogenic Field Technique. No more going down rabbit holes… with using Bio-Field Testing which is a brilliant way to find priority issues, and setting up protocols to bring the bod back into optimal health.  I am, on the path to helping people like you reach that same path of health & wellness! Are you ready to create better health?

On this site, you will find valuable supplements, herbs, and homeopathic medicine. It is highly recommended to schedule a free 20 min. discovery consult. Choose the Path to a Healthier You!