2-6 person 2-3 hour class learning and practicing Muscle Response Testing – $75 per person


muscle testingBasic Muscle Response Testing

Have you ever wondered how to Muscle Test without having to constantly seek the help of a practitioner? If so, this class will teach you just that. Learn how to test your entire body – every organ system and gland. We will teach you how to tell what areas of your body are weak and exactly what supplements are needed to begin to bring healing to those areas. Never again will you have to guess what supplement you need – you will know with 100% certainty. This class will teach you exactly where each test point is on the body and how to test statements and if an organ point is weak or strong. You will learn herbs and/or supplements are good for each organ point, as well as the tools to test yourself and your entire family!

This is a 2hr class with information to take home and continue your practice.